Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Springtime - Boosting the Immune System

Okay, you have read it in the newspaper, online and in your magazine.

Partake in physical activity. Hmmm.....seems simple!

Whether it be power walking (use those arms and hips), cycling, strength training, swimming, practicing yoga or Pilates; they all boost your immune system.

With all of the recent weather changes in the Pacific NW, many of us are still falling victim to the recent flus that still abound.


Exercise boosts the immune system. It keeps inflammation in check and encourages problem cells to self-destruct.

A 2006 study from Rutgers University found that mice that ran on a running wheel developed 30 percent fewer tumors -- and smaller, slower growing tumors -- when exposed to UV light than mice without a running wheel in their cage.

Statistics show that the risk of all types of cancer, including skin, is higher in people that are obese.

GET STARTED: Exercise for thirty minutes everyday. Try to maintain a healthy BMI of up to 24.9.

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Movement is a good thing. Right? Being stiff and immobile is no fun!

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