Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little "slice" of sustainability

It was Saturday night when my daughter called to say she was doing a cooking demo Sunday at the Lents International Farmer's Market.

I didn't have plans until 3:30 p.m. today, so I thought I might head over.

I have become somewhat familiar with the Lents area as I travel there weekly to my business/marketing meeting. I was familiar with many farmer's markets but not this one. And it's always good, I thought to myself, to support neighborhood happenings and spend locally. I am always good at "stimulating the economy."

I left NE Portland with $12 in my wallet.

I arrived back home two hours later with my arms and my mind full. Hence, the blog.

During the time spend there, I sampled zuccini fritters with dill yogurt sauce.
This recipe was inspired by a Greek restaurant in NYC.

I tasted a chicken tamale from a booth run by two Mexican-American women and some coconut milk cookies from a booth with Hawaiian-inspired foods.

I brought home Flavel Fungus Farms oyster mushrooms; organic zuccini, onions, squash blossoms and radishes from a local farm; got some wonderful flowers ($4) and fresh basil ($2) from SE Asian women who run a stand.

When I arrived home, it was a pleasure to wash and trim the veggies and the flowers. I plan on a stir fry tonight combined with some veggies from my own garden. I arranged the flowers into three vases that now adorn the house.

Twelve dollars = lot of joy for a day!

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