Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Combatting Stress

HOW TO RELAX: Set aside just ten minutes daily to unwind. Whether it be reading a book, sitting quietly or knitting, it invokes the "relaxation response". Cortisol levels decrease and the effects of chronic stress, like high blood pressure and sluggish metabolism are neutralized. You can actually use your mind to heal your body.

It's important to find a quiet place within yourself. It requires intention and focus. This way distractions -- of which we have many in today's society -- fade away. It takes us out of "fight or flight" mode.

FOODS THAT COMBAT STRESS: Sesame or sunflower seeds are a good source of zinc and Vitamin B, which help to maintain the health of the adrenal glands. All you need is one serving or 1/4 cup daily.

Garlic, studies have shown, may boost moods as well as help lower blood pressure. One to two cloves daily are prescribed.

Cucumbers are a mineral-rich food. They cleanse the liver and in turn allow the body to balance hormone levels. One-half cup daily will do the job.

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