Friday, September 11, 2009

Improving Kids' Nutrition

These are some suggestions on improving your childrens' eating habits:

1. Make it fun. Garden with children. Take them to the local farmer's market. Include them in meal preparation. This gives them a sense of "ownership" over their diet, says Jennifer Shu, M.D. author of "Food Fights". The more they are involved, the more they'll eat what is in front of them.

2. Lead by example: If your children see you eating candy when telling them to eat their vegetables, they will tune you out.

3. Teach moderation: Instead of forbidding foods like ice cream or cookies, teach your children how to eat them in moderation and savor every bite.

4. Eat the rainbow: Hang a color wheel on the frig and ask the kids, "did we eat something from nature in all of these color groups today?" suggests Ashley Koff, R.D.

5. Don't give up: Expose your children to new foods over and over. Continue to serve food that has been previously rejected. Often the veggie they "hated" last month becomes their new favorite food next month.

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