Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Art Of Play

I often think I have the very best job on earth.

I arrive at work ready to play everyday with some lovely individuals called "my clients."

Don't get me wrong, sometimes when the workout is scheduled for 5:30 a.m. he/she may need a little coaxing. As a personal trainer, well adjusted to the early hour, I don't want to appear too energetic before dawn. But I do arise extra early to be prepared, alert and ready for my job.

But with a gentle warm-up and a conversation that softens the break of dawn, it works.

Lately, with the addition of a Circuit Training class, it has brought the term "play" to a new light.

Classes began in the summer and in the advent of Fall have blossomed into a very fun group of women who appear to enjoy the interactions, the group accountability and the play. From individual exercises the class has grown to allow partnering exercises.

When I watch people throwing medicine balls to one another, jump on the trampoline and ride the spinning bike without a seat, I once again am reminded that playing is fun.

Kaiser Permanente ads asks us, "When did you stop playing?"

Well, when you stop playing, you stop interacting and you cease to be able to laugh at yourself.

Now that will really make one grow old fast!

So, I suggest we all take time in our day to play - whether that be with the kids, with the grandchildren, our partners or with any others our own age.

It's good for the body. It's uplifting for the spirit. It warms the soul.

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