Friday, October 28, 2011

Dogs - like humans?

I ordered an item from a canine company a few weeks ago.

Okay, it was a plaque spray from a t.v. commercial. I admit it.

It arrived two days ago. Two bottles for the price of one with two toys.
The toys were stuff less animals. Otto seems to like those. He has been known to drag them over for a game of tug of war in the late afternoon.

This stuff less squirrel that I gave him seems to be special, though.

Today was a rainy day - a day to finish a book I started this week. So after work, I put on the classical Pandora station, reclined and read while Otto sat in his bed near the fire. Before long Otto dragged out his squirrel and began chewing on it in an odd way. He would nibble on the external fur, like a beaver shaving wood from a log, like a gorilla or baboon, picking nits off their babies. He did this for at least a half hour.

I thought to myself, "This seems motherly." But perhaps it is just the canines way of showing some compassion.

After reading the National Geographic article on the elephant orphanage and the beauty of those animals, I have little doubt that animals are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.

I may be reading more into the whole thing. But I found it intriguing and really quite sweet.

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