Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Good Deed Brings On Another

The old adage proved true again this week.

I live in a neighborhood built in the 1920's, where old homes marry newly crafted gardens with less lawn.

It is where older homes have given way to duplexes. It brings in a very diverse community where, in my thinking, anyone would be welcomed.

It's a walking neighborhood - three blocks to the bus stop, two blocks to the grocery store, three blocks from the post office, restaurants and shops.

On my daily route walking the dog, I had noticed last summer that an old home converted to a small apartment building had been undergoing a lovely face lift. The landlord hired a painting company that did a fine job.

Not long after that, a retaining wall was built that neatly afforded room for garbage and recycle bins.

This Fall some of the renters planted wildflowers in the parking strip.

Today one of the residents put out a beautiful planter and was doing more planting in the courtyard of the building.

It has been completely transformed.

Paying it good deed gives birth to another.

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