Monday, June 8, 2009

hugs.....go a long way

Upon composing my last blog entry I began to contemplate, "..... dig my grubby little hand deep into the cereal box".

The innocence of childhood. The spirit of excitement with discovery. The passion for each new day. The exuberance with which emotions run. The freedom to say what one pleases. The many lessons that lie ahead. Time moving slowly.

I had the pleasure of visiting with my great niece, Chloe, last weekend. She is the daughter to my firstborn niece who is also my Goddaughter. Her mother, father and big brother, Jack are very special to us. They live close by but we don't see them nearly enough.

No grandchildren for us yet -- just a grandpuppy. So it was a real treat to hold this little two-year-old. Her giggles, her vocabulary and her hugs were delightful.

Sometimes they think you are so funny -- and for no apparent reason. Sometimes they think you look funny -- also for no apparent reason.

She says she likes cottage cheese. She also likes onion tops.

There's really nothing quite like having a child on your lap. They mold into your body with their warm elfish figures. Inevitably (and I guess if you're lucky) they lay their tiny head on your chest.

I got lucky Sat. night.

We'll get to see her for our son's graduation on Sunday. I guess I'll be serving cottage cheese and onion tops.

And maybe I'll get lucky again.

Mmmmm.....there are some simple pleasures life hands you that are cherished.


  1. A sweet do I get in touch with whomever took it? (smile)

    But, seriously, a lovely post.